Better Late Than Never

1 Apr

So, sorry I’ve been MIA! But as Georgina from Gossip Girl would say “the bitch is back”. And this being Friday and everything, it seems like an opportune time to mention Rebecca Black’s music video, “Friday”. I know most of you are probably sick of talking about, but you can’t hate the girl! She’s donating all the proceeds to Japan, so that’s redeemable right? Here’s the original video below. I’ve also become recently obsessed with all things Conan O’Brien so here is his parody on it as well.


And don’t forget, saturday is after friday.



That SAG Sparkle

7 Feb

So the SAG Awards were over a week ago, but I have yet to gush over all of the dresses. As with all award shows, there were hits and misses, and then some that were just plain awful. Let’s get into it-

Tina Fey- Not only am I obsessed with her and 30 Rock, but this funny lady has gotten more and more style (or just a better stylist). She rocked this red, lace, Oscar de la Renta gown like  nobody’s business.


Mila Kunis- The Black Swan diva looks fantastic in this Alexander McQueen gown. The floral dress with the waist cinching belt falls beautifully on Kunis’ figure. Her wavy locks and cream clutch complete the look. One thing that I love about Mila Kunis is that she continues to have her own sense of style for every day and every fancy night. She doesn’t try to stick herself into a stuffy ballgown and finds freedom in fashion. love her.

Christina Hendricks- Stop it. now. Mad Men actress Hendricks must actually be going mad. Too pale, too much eyeliner, and too much fabric. This black number is not flattering and does not do her any justice. Black bedazzled bathrobe, no thank you.

SuperBowl Sunday

7 Feb

So while the rest of America is eating hot wings and watching the Superbowl, I am watching Sex and the City on repeat on E!. No shame, sorry I’m not sorry. I really could care less whether the Packers or Steelers win; however, there is some good gossip that comes along the Superbowl madness! Apparently Jessica Szhor, Gossip Girl actress and ex of Ed Westwick, has been seen around Philly and Milwaukee with Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Interesting change from Chuck bass to jock star.

Aaron Adams, Green Bay Packers Quarterback

Mark Zuckerberg and Jesse Eisenberg on Saturday Night Live……cue awkward turtle

30 Jan

Jesse Eisenberg, Oscar nominated actor from The Social Networked, hosted last night’s Saturday Night Live.  Eisenberg opened the show with his typical awkwardness and then Andy Samberg showed up looking like a Mark Zuckerberg who fell into the blond highlight trend from a few years ago. Then it got even more awkward when the real Mark Zuckerberg showed up. Thank goodness Zuckerberg has Facebook to fall back on because his acting career isn’t looking too promising…

Goo Goo for Gaga

8 Jan

2010 has most definitely been the year of Lady Gaga with her summer tour and her album topping the charts. So will 2011 be the same? On January 1st Gaga announced via Twitter that she will release her album Born This Way on May 23rd of this year. Along with the post she sent a butt-baring picture as a preview to what this album might be about.

As a little monster myself (that’s what she calls her fans), I went to one of her concerts this Summer, and she had my jaw dropping the entire show. She is an entertainer and artist at heart, and no one can deny that after watching her perform. You’ve got to wonder though, what is she like at the end of the night without her crazy costumes and mascera wiped off?

She gave a sneak peak of her album Born This Way on her tour, and it seemed to have a lot to do with Gay Rights and accepting ourselves and others the “way we are born”. The first song off the album is released February 13th!

ps. fun facts about Gaga- She went to the same prep school as Paris Hilton and was on MTV’s show Boiling Points where you can barely recognize the diva-


Goodbye Uggs, hellooo Snooki Slippers

8 Jan

Jersey Shore’s Snooki has signed a deal with for her own line of cushy slippers! If you’ve ever watched the show (which I hope you have just for the cultural enlightenment), you’ve probably seen her walking/stumbling around in these babies that are approximately the size of Snooki’s head.

As of now, Snooki only has two designs-a pink and white sneaker slipper and a leopard sneaker slipper. On the website Snooki even has a video where she’s wearing the leopard design and promoting her new line by saying the word comfortable about fifty times. And the best thing about them is that they have LACES! It can’t get much better than that. So if you’re still on the hunt for some holiday gifts or if you just want to help Snooki on her way to a tanner, richer self, go buy some Snooki Slippers!

You could look this good too if you get some Snooki Slippers

Testing 1, 2, 3

5 Jan

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I’ve succumbed to the world that is blogging! I can’t wait to share mindless thoughts on fashion, beauty, celebs, and other tid bits! Spread the word!

love, allie


Here’s to a Bright and Cheery 2011…literally

5 Jan is predicting bright and colorful accessories, shoes, and handbags to be popping up full of color everywhere this Spring. Throwback to the 80’s perhaps, and maybe a trend that will continue into Summer. Here’s some of the highlights-

(from left to right) Proenza Shuler cross-body bag, Aurelie Bidermann gold woven bracelets, Dries Van Noten Micro- Suede Wedges, Yves Saint Laurent leather satchel

I’m particularly OBSESSED with the Yves Saint Laurent handbag! The colors, the leather, the handle, the closure…ohh lala. It’ll be interesting to see how the bright color trend plays out into reality. Most likely it will be hit or miss like these ladies..

Can SJP ever not be fabulous?

And maybe Avril should’ve stuck with the menswear tie look…

Moral of the Story? Your bright items will speak for themselves so you do not need your outfit and/or make-up to compete for attention. Take a note from SJP and pair them with neutrals and basics. And don’t be afraid to mix colors together! Take a trip back to your first grade art class when you learned about the color wheel and about color families which will help guide you on what colors to pair with one another. Here’s to 2011!